Become a certified Planhat Power User

This Certification is designed to empower Planhat admins to further increase their knowledge and ability by becoming a Planhat product expert - a certified Power User. It will help you solve any customer-related issues that you are facing in your organisation by teaching you to think about Planhat as a whole, rather than the individual modules. Have fun with our animated videos and quizzes! Gain a badge on completion of each course, and share it proudly to show others how much you know!

What you will learn

As a Planhat Power User you will become an expert on:

  • Organising your data

    Understand the data architecture of Planhat, learn how to capture and organise data (including time-series data), how to create advanced filters, formula fields and calculated metrics.

  • Automating your processes

    Learn how to design and create playbooks and custom automations to help your team save time. Make your team work smarter, not harder!

  • Visualising your data

    Learn how to visualise your data and outcomes by creating custom dashboards and sharing them with the right stakeholders, both internally and with your customers.


  • Who is this certification for?

    Experienced Planhat users with Administrator permissions, who want to supercharge their skills to achieve even more with Planhat. If you're looking for greater customer insights, increased efficiency, and tools to help you progress faster towards your business goals, this course is for you.

  • How long does the certification take?

    This certification takes about 1-3 hours per course to finish. Don't worry, you don't need to do each course all at once - you can take a break whenever you need it and come back to it.

  • Will I earn badges?

    Upon passing each course, you will receive a badge that you can share on LinkedIn, to showcase your skills to your peers.

“We want to strengthen Planhat’s community, and create true product experts!”

Justine Rens, Manager Planhat’s Enablement Team

Learn more about the idea behind Planhat’s Power User certification, and discover how it will benefit you and your company.